Sunday, September 21, 2014

#85 Ice trolls and...

A frost giant queen! The trolls turned out pretty good. The skin tone came out like I had hoped it would. Initially after the base coat I thought I might have to redo something since the skin was looking darker than I wanted. Once I put the highlights on and blended them some then the skin turned out how I hoped. The rest was pretty standard detailing. Leather bracers, metal cuffs, red eyes, the pelts and such nothing too unusual. On the bars I put some darker blue on since these are quite a bit bigger than the bars the bears had and I think it was a good decision.

Next up is the frost giant queen. I've started off by blocking off major areas: her skin (gray by request), metal parts, and leather parts. The next steps are prepping the club and hair with a dark blue then getting down to highlighting the skin. After the soon I'll get down to hurting the metal parts with maybe a gold depends on what my friend wants. I also might paint the gem stone parts as orange gems. Something to pop next to all the blue and gray.

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