Friday, October 19, 2012

#40 A post got lost?!

Hrmmm...somewhere between my phone and the internet my original #38th post was lost. Which is weird since it shows up on my phone when I want to edit my blog then the new #38th post shows up when I view my blog.... confusing. Well, the original #38 just covered my completion of the code scanner and the start of painting the Legacy barriers. Oh yeah, there were pictures too....

Ok, it just showed up. Now it's #39. Take that continuity!

#39(#38 original) Onwards to eventual completion!

Not much to say today, completed the code scanner and have started the legacy barriers. Things are coming along nicely I will probably start on the board after the barriers are done. The big guy is the Code scanner the others are barriers, I'll explain those later along with everything else.
*just realized i posted 3 days in a row, might make this a habit!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

#38 Test print pieces

Wow, I had a lot of activity for about a week then it all ended. I hope in the next month to get more active again in regards to game making. I'm almost done painting all the figures that have been made so far. I think I just have the Legacy barriers to complete and some details on the User Avatar to finish. So onto the purpose of this post!

I was fooling around with some token ideas awhile back for a different game (one that involves tabletop warfare) and thought it might be nice to make some 2d pieces to use with DC mainly due to me not wanting to break any of them from transporting them around. I basically just made a hexagon threw in a pic (of my favorite character) and I think it should work fine. Though Omar is working on some new versions of the characters... maybe I should just take pics of the completed miniatures and add some fancy effects in Photoshop. I like that idea better. Guess that means I better finish all the Legacy side figures...

So here's the test piece anyways:

I haven't quite gotten the color down, Photoshop keeps wanting to correct it. Now I'm thinking maybe I should make everything outlines and hand color them. Okay, that's about it for me tonight. I'm watching Adventure Time and that's pretty distracting.