Saturday, April 22, 2017

#100 Lego sets TIE striker micro and Imperial Trooper battle pack

Post 100! Yay. Anyways I'm still posting irregularly though that might change (or not). On to the Lego!

I just picked these up today along with Yoda's starfighter, which should be in the X-wing miniatures game but that's a whole other discussion. Starting with the:

TIE striker microfighter:
Build time: 10 minutes +/-
Build complexity: 1
Swoosh factor: high
This set is easy to build comes with neat parts and TIE striker pilot. It has a nice printed canopy piece and a printed control panel. The wings don't move up and down a whwile lot but that's alright since the model for X-wing miniatures doesn't move a whole lot either. Good stuff might buy another.

Imperial Troopers battle pack:

Build time: 15 mins +/-
Build complexity: 1
Swoosh factor: low (it only comes with a 1 trooper walker)
This is also an easy build, nothing particularly complex. It also comes with... Deathtroopers! I don't need to buy Krennic's shuttle... yet. The weapons are the usual stud shooters and it also has two vehicle studd shooters. Two regular Stormtroopers round out the set nicely. Good way to bulk up troop numbers, I want another set just to get more Deathtroopers.

The printing on the helmets and figures of both sets are nicely done and well detailed. The Deathtroopers even have a little color on the helmets too. Well done Lego, well done. I recommend both these sets.

Only thing is that they all have the same angry face.

Friday, November 25, 2016

#99 Lego set 75099 Rey's Speeder

The build went pretty quickly. The set is only 193 pieces though a lot of them seem like they could be useful for MOC builds. The overall construction is pretty solid except the lower engine has a little more flex than I'd like especially since it's a major part of the gimmick of the set, the opening side doors.

The minifigs are good. The printed details look pretty accurate and Rey has two faces, one stern and one smiling. Unkar's thug looks pretty thug-like and has crowbar. The set also has ten stickers that add details to a few areas. I don't like putting stickers on my sets though do those will hangout with the instruction book for the rest of time.

Build time: 25 minutes +/-
Design: 4/5
Difficulty: 1/5

Cons: the opposite side of the speeder has no detail to speak of, somewhat understandable since I don't remember seeing it in the film. It might seem minor though I see it as a lost opportunity to make the kit just a little better.

Friday, May 13, 2016

#98 The Kraken rises!

Ok, this one was a real monster of a project. The kraken itself was 14 pieces: 4  for the body and 10 tentacles. The ship base I'm not sure of, there might be 3-4 pieces. I only had to attach the tentacles after painting the body. It is not attached to the ship yet since it would be even more of a hassle to move or store.
The painting prices was simple just time consuming. The main colors are turquoise and black. The fleshy areas around the break I thought should stand out a bit so I painted those areas with a muscle tone. The turquoise was three stages: a base coat, a couple washes and some highlights. So far so good. The shell areas were painted black highlighted grey then washed black.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

#97 Star Wars: Imperial Assault

Tough to stay motivated the past few weeks. Figure I'll post up some pics of some of the star warsv miniatures I painted from the imperial assault game.
It's a fun game though I enjoy the campaign more than the skirmish side of things. I've picked up a few of the expansions. I'm privacy not going to be getting any more unless I find people who want to play regularly. Probably won't paint any new figures unless it really stars bothering me. Anyways on to pictures!
I plan on making a better post later...

Sunday, November 15, 2015

#96 Lego Exo-suit

I was really happy to find this set at the Lego store this past weekend. The build went pretty quick despite having a lot of little pieces to connect and short through.

The suit itself is surprisingly articulate with some good joints. The hands were a nice surprise despite only having one joint they do have five fingers and look cool. There are some nice additional pieces too: 2 minifigs, a turtlebot and a small cargo pad.

Design: 5/5
Difficulty: 3/5

Build time: 1hr 15 mins (roughly)
Only con is that it could use a little more color.