Sunday, October 26, 2014

#86 the Ice giant queen

I finished this ice giant queen a few weeks ago and finally decided to sit down and write about the process. It was a fun miniature to paint with lots good details. Reaper sure has set a high bar for affordable miniatures.
Step one: mainly blocking in the main areas. Black for the metal parts, leather for her clothing, a light grey for the skin and white for the club and hair.
Step two: putting the shade color for the metal areas, spent a lot of time building up the blues for the hair, the mid tone and highlights came out well.
Step three: highlighting the metal parts and inking the clothing. Also I put some color on the club and dress just to get them started. I also finished up the skin.
Step four: her face, I added some blue to her lips to break up the color and pop out some details. I painted all the gems the same way, purple, and managed to give them highlights too. The club was also completed along with the dress. I think the blue for the hair, dress and club all came out well as well as looking different. I finished the base and used the same technique as the ice trolls.
I think she came out great and my friend was very pleased with the job. Next up are werewolves, a flesh golem and a ghost king!

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