Monday, September 15, 2014

#84 Dwarf cleric and 3 polar bears

I finished my dwarf cleric for a new dnd campaign and today I finished some polar bears. The bears are from the dnd board game Wrath of Ashardalon. After a light coat of primer they painted up quite nicely.
The dwarf wasn't quite armed how I wanted her so I purchased another miniature that had the right weapon and did a quick conversion to give her a hammer. I think it makes the right impression. The color scheme came together pretty well considering the only thing I knew I wanted was for her to have a purple tunic. The armor of course is the standard metal and then I hit her gloves and boots with a leather color and washed those brown. Some little details on her neck and the hammer rounded out how detailed I wanted to get. I also left her eyes white since I figured she was full of divine energy. The skin tone came out exactly how I wanted, I didn't think it was going to look that good honestly. She's the fourth or fifth model I've tried a darker skin tone with and I'm going to try to do more varied skin in the future.
 The polar bears came together better than I expected. The fur was a combo of gray for the shadow, a cream for the base and white for highlights and touch ups. I'm not quite sure if polar bear claws are black I just thought some color in there would make the fur pop a bit better. The mouths were painted with liche purple. I'm really getting my money's worth with that paint and it's over ten years old! I'm going to be heartbroken when it's gone. Good thing I only use it for mouths and guts. The black eyes really make them look menacing and give them a sinister intelligence look. The bases were a first for me as well. I've never painted ice before so I hope those look alright.

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