Monday, March 16, 2015

#89 Liche king of sorts

This was a neat sculpt. Lots of little details in the armor and sword. I also liked how it's floating or at least gives the impression of hovering. Not much else to stay on that part. Good details and lots of character.
I started by blocking in the armor, outside of the cloak, inside of the cloak and the lower robe area. All armor sections started out black. I also painted the sword black at this point. For the inside of the cloak I mixed a nice dark bloody red. The outside got a coat of black. The robe I started off with a mid grey. My idea for the cloak was to make it look dirty and tattered.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

#88 Flesh golem (aka Frankenstein)

This guy is from the Castle Ravenloft DnD adventure board game. A lot of these figures are also in the pre -painted lines for DnD and seeing the naked figure shows that these mini's have great detail they just get covered up with the simple pre-paint jobs. Though I don't mind getting pre-painted figures for use as cannon fodder some of the bigger miniatures really could benefit from a more in depth paint job. Though recent Pathfinder pre-painted mini's do look pretty good.

So I had to primer this guy first after washing since I'm sure he was coated with mold release. I blocked out the main flesh areas and then my girlfriend pointed out that he was a little too symmetrical. So I went and repainted some the flesh areas to further break up the colors. The hardest part here was getting the metal staples. There are quite a few of them and they were a pain in the neck. The rest of the metal bits were easy. I think the best part on this figure is the left arm. It has flesh falling off and making it look a bloody mess was fun.

#87 Werewolves!

I'm loving the Reaper Bones line of mini's. Great details, the paint sticks without primer (if you use Reaper paints) and they are cheap. I bought quite a few for the price of one from certain other companies. Anyways on to the wolves.
This was another commission that had a few supernatural creatures. I started with the werewolves because the main requirement for them was having different fur colors. They painted up great as usual. I blocked in the fur and the flesh of each one. I basically used the fur color of the previous for the flesh areas of the next going from white to gray to black. Then I washed then with some brown, picked out highlights and got the details.