Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Post #21: mixed emoticons

Wow, busy past few days. Cooking, school, banking stuff. Most of everything I had going on has been resolved to some extent. I cooked this and this and even this, so I've been learning stuff like not to have too many burners going at once and definitely know the recipe before getting started. I'd post up pics but after getting it all done and such I'm pretty tired and just want to eat.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Post #20:ugh, what a day...

Found an alarming piece of info today: My cash inflow is less than the outflow. This weekend will see me intensify my job search. I also have to make a stop to get a quote for outsourcing my casting project, I said all this in the last post but seeing what my funds look like (a dessicated corpse) makes it a lot harder to go out and spend money especially when I could have taken care of some of it in class. I'm hoping the size of my forms will make it relatively cheap to cast. If anything I can just get the ones I want done now and when I have more money get the rest taken care of at a later time.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Post #19: Food....

So my girlfriend found this website where a woman, Margie Slivinske, puts up a week's worth of recipes along with a grocery list, it is on the San Jose Examiner site. They are really good meals and I'm not the greatest of chefs but we've just been doubling the ingredients and it provides more than enough food for two people. So far I've made this, this and this. Good stuff so far and nothings been burnt too badly!

Not much else going on today. With a little help I've managed to put together a Sisters of Battle army symbol for my "secret" project and will hopefully have it all done in a few weeks, the casting that is and then it is on to mold making. Unfortunately it is Spring Break next week so I'm going with an outside entity to get my forms cast. I'll try and post some pics of what I've carved out later today/this week. Just as a little in-progress post. I've found that sawing plasti-card (sheet-styrene) is not much easier than thin sheets of metal, same problems come up regarding heat and the blades snapping on the jeweler saw.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Well, with any luck I am nearing the end of my scholastic career. This summer I am going to make a concentrated effort to use flash more and get down to actual sculpting. I want to try my hand and making small scale figures, 25mm or so. I'll probably try a little larger than that at first or maybe just try my hand at making individual pieces and then assembly them. I also plan to further my mold making knowledge as I want to make my own rtv (room temperature vulcanizing) rubber molds.

I am also looking into internships and jobs for the summer...crossing my fingers.