Monday, September 27, 2010

#26 Sketchup!

I've started using Sketchup this semester for my 103 class and after messing around with it I've grasped the most basic of concepts. It is an easy to use program with respectable learning curve. I was at work the other day talking to my friend Omar and he was talking about a frame he was trying to make and I figured since I am also taking a woodshop class I might be able to make one. I also thought it would be a good idea to test out my Sktechup skills and create a 3D mock-up to see how things would fit together. I haven't completed it yet there are some splines to add in and possibly adjust the internal edge for the spline cuts on the corners. As it is now I think it looks pretty decent. Here's a link, I'm still learning about the upload model option. I thought it would put it into the 3D warehouse but apparently it put it in with the Google earth stuff...

*correction, it uploaded to the right place :)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

#25 A test research blog

So I did some reading Sam Maloof. A woodworker of the highest skill from what I have seen. Here is the rough stuff I have typed up based on what I've read and the questions from my professor. I'll add some pics once I finalize it.
- Connections and such are not overly done and seem to be made with as few additional pieces as possible.

#24 another semester starts...

Back in school and hopefully all the paperwork I turn in allows me to fulfill all the req's that keep popping up for graduation though that is neither here nor there as the point of this post is something entirely different as its focus is to allow me to keep a list of artists I am supposed to choose from to research for my Art168 class. So here are the names: