Wednesday, February 27, 2013

#49 More 3D models, this time bodies!

Just a quick post showing of some body shapes for the sentinel, gatekeeper and ICE units. In the picture from top center and going clockwise: arm shape, head/body shape, sentinel body, gatekeeper body, ICE/scout body, standard gun, and head antenna. Ok, I'm off to sleep.

Monday, February 25, 2013

#48 Working in 3D!

It's been awhile since I did some focused work in a 3D program. The only one I really know how to use is Google Sketchup (though I want to start learning Blender). The stuff I've done in the past was usually based around learning the different tools, especially the 'follow-me' tool which is awesome when it works the way you want it too. Otherwise it just makes really crazy looking things which can be fun too. Anyways, with working on DataCrash and my friend Omar making the minis I thought it might be a good time to get back into the digital 3D modeling stuff again. The DataCrash characters make good forms to start out with since they are relatively simple shapes. It took me a couple of hours to make the basic parts and composition for the Sentinel.

#47 Door counters for Sedition Wars:BfA

I haven't been up to too much lately. Been getting in some solo games of a couple different systems just to learn the rules. I have also gotten the miniatures for SW:BfA primed and ready to paint. One other thing I've done is to make open door counters for the game since there are none included with the many different counters that are already in the game. Anyways onto the doors! I've made a simple sheet that has six sets of red doors closed, twelve sets of red doors open and five sets of blue doors closed and open. I hope that makes sense. Looking at the pdf will probably make things a lot clearer. I have two different versions of the red doors open. It just felt right since the Alabaster station is well on its way to technozombie apocalypse and I figured not all the doors function quite right. Enjoy!

They are made to be printed on US Letter 8.5" x 11", no scaling as I made the image slightly smaller then the printable area. Sorry I do not have any pictures of them I action yet.