Saturday, August 30, 2014

#80 Succubus and Spectator progress

I didn't manage to get too much done during the week on either figure. Last night and this morning though I got wire a but done! I've finished the succubus and am pleased with most I'd it her. The hair especially since my friend wanted to be like Morrigan's from Dark Stalkers. Some light dry brushing of grey on the ends worked better than I thought and picked o out the small details.

The spectator got dark blue tentacle tips and some bright green on them to make the details pop. The inside of its mouth got a good coat of liche purple and I might follow this up with some dry brushing of a lighter purple. Then it's eyes will be a bright green. The central eye will get some pupil details, something a little alien possibly.

Finally I managed to squeeze in a little side project for another friend. A heroclix daredevil figure with some modifications. Turned out ok, nothing too fancy just sime block painting and washes.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

#79 Hellhounds & mouthers done; spectator, succubus next!

Love how these turned out, the partial skeleton on the inside is a great touch.
Ok so I finished the Hellhounds and gibbering mouthers. My friend was quite pleased with how they turned out and I have to say that I am as well. The mouthers in particular I was very happy with the skin color's contrast to the internal areas.

Monday, August 18, 2014

#78 Some demons, aberrations and a Griffin?

Well none of those have much in common except that those are the next group of mini's I'm painting. I managed to finish the Hellhounds and get the mouthers halfway complete. I plan to finish the mouthers off and start the spectator tomorrow. Who knows maybe I well finish the little floating eye freak?
On a different note I should probably take pics on something that is a different color. 
More pics after the jump.

#77 First commission complete!

Ok so not much to add to what I've been working on. The purple wrym went pretty much exactly as planned and I put some bling on it by painting a few of the stones as gems, ok a lot of the stones. The bat swarms came out good, I added sime highlights to the tombstones and the bats themselves to make this tiny details pop. The oxidation beats all came out great, some really nice coloring came out of the shading, highlights and washes i out on them. If only my camera phone could take really good pics...
Slight tangent: I finished these last week. In the future I plan to post more of the work I do on a regular basis. 
More pics after the jump.

Monday, August 4, 2014

#76 A slightly different direction

I was approached by a friend of mine recently about painting some miniatures for him. He told how many and showed me what they were: 4 oxidation beats, 3 bat swarms and one big worm from the Reaper bones line.