Monday, December 10, 2012

#42 DC font tests!

Well I've put this on the back burner for awhile: how to present the game name graphically!

I've had my eye on a few different fonts. Mainly Betty Noir, Drive Thru, Rocket Script and Vacation Postcard (the first three can be found on, I'm not sure where I found Vacation Postcard... :P ). I started by typing each one out and then using each one to type out Data Crash. That went okay though none of them really stood out to me. Then i started mixing and matching and I think I found a few combo's that work!

Top to bottom we have:
Vacation Postcard (the 'd' and 'c' with tilt) combined with Rocket Script
Betty Noir with some resizing done
Vacation Postcard (the 'd' and 'c' again) combined with Drive Thru

For me the bottom one really looks good though there is something in the simplicity of the Betty Noir that is also attractive. The top one has potential, maybe adding something through filters might make it more appealing. I'm just testing things out here. i spent a few minutes looking through fonts at and found some others that I also like and might just download later in the week and mess around with. So far though the third set is what I'm really digging right now. I'm also thinking of putting some color to these too. Just have to match the blue I used to paint the figures or get something close to it and come up with a red.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

#41 The last of the Legacy!

Wow! I have finished all the Legacy army pieces and it feels great! My next goal is to finish the printable pieces so I can get some more play sessions in. Oh right! Here's & picture of the Legacy barriers. I need to get a pic of all the Legacy army together.

Friday, October 19, 2012

#40 A post got lost?!

Hrmmm...somewhere between my phone and the internet my original #38th post was lost. Which is weird since it shows up on my phone when I want to edit my blog then the new #38th post shows up when I view my blog.... confusing. Well, the original #38 just covered my completion of the code scanner and the start of painting the Legacy barriers. Oh yeah, there were pictures too....

Ok, it just showed up. Now it's #39. Take that continuity!

#39(#38 original) Onwards to eventual completion!

Not much to say today, completed the code scanner and have started the legacy barriers. Things are coming along nicely I will probably start on the board after the barriers are done. The big guy is the Code scanner the others are barriers, I'll explain those later along with everything else.
*just realized i posted 3 days in a row, might make this a habit!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

#38 Test print pieces

Wow, I had a lot of activity for about a week then it all ended. I hope in the next month to get more active again in regards to game making. I'm almost done painting all the figures that have been made so far. I think I just have the Legacy barriers to complete and some details on the User Avatar to finish. So onto the purpose of this post!

I was fooling around with some token ideas awhile back for a different game (one that involves tabletop warfare) and thought it might be nice to make some 2d pieces to use with DC mainly due to me not wanting to break any of them from transporting them around. I basically just made a hexagon threw in a pic (of my favorite character) and I think it should work fine. Though Omar is working on some new versions of the characters... maybe I should just take pics of the completed miniatures and add some fancy effects in Photoshop. I like that idea better. Guess that means I better finish all the Legacy side figures...

So here's the test piece anyways:

I haven't quite gotten the color down, Photoshop keeps wanting to correct it. Now I'm thinking maybe I should make everything outlines and hand color them. Okay, that's about it for me tonight. I'm watching Adventure Time and that's pretty distracting.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

#37 Wha-? 3 posts in 7 days?

I know right? Seems pretty out of character to me too. This blog app just makes things a little easier for since pics to post are on my phone and such. Finished a few more figures last night! (I also plan to post up some dark vengeance pics too this week.)

For pics we have the Compiler, Script runners and my personal fav the Heavy import core! Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

#36 Getting stuff done!

I managed to get more figs done for DC this last week and weekend. One thing I'm sure I haven't mentioned is that each program is a certain level. This determines how many of each program can be put into play. Enough about rules for now, I present the Data sentinels, Gatekeepers, Import cores and the Anti-virus & Packet scouts.

*okay I'm still getting a handle on this whole blogging from my phone. The pictures were placed in reverse order...? I changed the last bit to match the photo order.)

Friday, September 7, 2012

#35 Painted stuff!

Wow, long time coming! I've finally started painting the figs my good friend Omar made for DC. So far I've gotteb the white areas on all the figs done and am working on the grey and blue. Eight if them are completely done and ready for faces. On to the pics!

The following pics are: Closeup of the Legacy I.C.E.'s., group shot, group shot w/ blue bits and closeup script engine. All were taken with my phone. I hope to complete the rest of the Legacy side this weekend!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

#34 Messing around with color

So half the mini's have been finished for DC. The Legacy army is ready to get primed and painted. Omar came up with the idea of using a Megaman style of coloring. Bright blocks of color with a limited palette. Nothing super flashy just enough to catch the eyes and keep people looking at them ;) I figure with the colored acrylic rods and some highlight colors (green for Legacy and white for Neoteric) that the mini's will really stand out on the board. Ive also settled on the colors to be used for the mini's and the board. Hopefully everything will tie in together and not look too crazy.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

#33 Boardgame extraordinaire!

So the past few months I've been working on a boardgame. Its a cyberspace old prigrams fighting new programs kind of game. I settled on a game mechanic that I think speeds up game play and keeps the game moving. It boils down to any unit always being able to damage opponents and if your lucky you can outright delete an enemy unit. My friend Omar has been collaborating with me on making it really awesome. He made all the mini's in the following photos.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

#32 physical perler stuff

Since I've finally settled into a place to live I figure it is time to start posting regularly or more likely semi-regularly. So following are some Perler forms I've made over the past year or two. There aren't a whole lot though they are characters I like and manged to find cool sprites of. So here they are! In no particular order: Babomb, Ninjat, Kirby (slipping), Luigi, Mario, Megaman, a Bloop, a Zaku head, a Shyguy and a Sniffit. And yes, I am still thinking of making those coasters... just need more votes to decide on a final set of images.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

#31 Updates soon...maybe...

When I get around to it or feel up to it. I've been working on making a game and have had some awesome help from my good friend Omar! So much so that it's pretty much a collaboration. The game uses a hexagon board and Omar has done the artwork and is making  figures for it. I've been primary game design and with some more playtesting I think it should turn out pretty good! I'll post some stuff up later (once again: maybe) about story and such behind the game. Right now just know that it's a fast paced board game involving two players trying to capture the others goodies. I think making some other game types will make the game more appealing as well along with a sweet expansion (more on that in the ambiguous future).

Anyways, I've got some Firestorm Armada stuff to look at...