Sunday, September 7, 2014

#82 Griffon start

Figured I would write this up real quick while I give the paint time to dry. Thus griffon is the largest miniature I've painted in awhile. I've blocked the main colors and plan to do some washes with darker colors and then highlights. Nothing incredibly fancy until I get to the wing patterns! That was my biggest reason paint this creature. I looked at a lot of hawk wings (the one request when painting this was to use a hawk as reference instead of an eagle) and found a couple I plan to use as a base for the wing patterns.
I will be dry brushing the black on as I didn't see anything in any of the photos that lead me to believe any of the feathers should be solid black. With such a simple pallet of colors I'm really hoping the washes and highlights will make the colors pop while not making the figure look too busy. One particular picture I saw showed the under wing feather tips being black and I plan to use that particular detail for this figure. Other than that the rest of the wings will probably follow the standard pattern I have seen in midday of the pictures.

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