Sunday, September 7, 2014

#83 Griffon part 2

Continuing on I've added more color and done some washes on the larger color areas and I've also figured on simplifying the wing pattern by painting half the feathers black on the under side. On the top of the wings I only painted the larger feathers half black and did some highlighting on the front areas. The beak got some detail with the main areas getting black (like a real hawk) and then getting the interior fleshy and putting some yellow on small parts.

 The main body, with and without feathers, received basecoats of a medium brown and golden skin. The feather area was washed with a dark brown and highlighted with sandy brown. The lion part was shaded lighty with sandy brown and then highlighted with creamy ivory.
The claws got a base of yellow shaded with saffron yellow. The claws I painted black and then the base for a light gey cost followed with a dark grey wash. All said and done I think it came out great! The last pic is a mini I modified to be my character in a 5th edition campaign.

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