Friday, May 23, 2014

#75 Lego movie set: Bad Cop's Pursuit

Another set bought another set assembled! Bad Cop's pursuit took me about as long as the Ultra Agents Infearno set to complete and I didn't find it any more difficult than that set. The instructions were pretty easy to follow and some alternate views of some parts were provided which made some sections a little easier. Total build time was around 46 minutes. 
I really like the collapsing bridge section and it was fun to build. It's nice to get a set with some scenery in it as most of the sets I've gotten recently are pretty much just vehicles.
Bad Cop's car is a solid build with some neat moving parts. It's the biggest part of the build and takes two of the three bags in the set. The interior is a tight fit and putting a minifig in with a weapon in hand is tough, I'm pretty sure I was making it more difficult than necessary and will more than likely just put in minifigs sans weapons. Only negative is the bottom of the car is pretty blank but it is supposed to fly so I can overlook that part or possibly just add some greeble to it later.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

#74 My renewed Lego hobby

Wow. It's been awhile since I last made an entry and it's also been quite some time since I put together a Lego set. Figured I get two birds with one stone in this post. I recently began purchasing Star Wars Lego sets and while I haven't made a post about any of that yet I figured I would start wIth a set I bought yesterday:
#70162 Infearno Interception