Saturday, April 22, 2017

#100 Lego sets TIE striker micro and Imperial Trooper battle pack

Post 100! Yay. Anyways I'm still posting irregularly though that might change (or not). On to the Lego!

I just picked these up today along with Yoda's starfighter, which should be in the X-wing miniatures game but that's a whole other discussion. Starting with the:

TIE striker microfighter:
Build time: 10 minutes +/-
Build complexity: 1
Swoosh factor: high
This set is easy to build comes with neat parts and TIE striker pilot. It has a nice printed canopy piece and a printed control panel. The wings don't move up and down a whwile lot but that's alright since the model for X-wing miniatures doesn't move a whole lot either. Good stuff might buy another.

Imperial Troopers battle pack:

Build time: 15 mins +/-
Build complexity: 1
Swoosh factor: low (it only comes with a 1 trooper walker)
This is also an easy build, nothing particularly complex. It also comes with... Deathtroopers! I don't need to buy Krennic's shuttle... yet. The weapons are the usual stud shooters and it also has two vehicle studd shooters. Two regular Stormtroopers round out the set nicely. Good way to bulk up troop numbers, I want another set just to get more Deathtroopers.

The printing on the helmets and figures of both sets are nicely done and well detailed. The Deathtroopers even have a little color on the helmets too. Well done Lego, well done. I recommend both these sets.

Only thing is that they all have the same angry face.