Saturday, March 7, 2015

#87 Werewolves!

I'm loving the Reaper Bones line of mini's. Great details, the paint sticks without primer (if you use Reaper paints) and they are cheap. I bought quite a few for the price of one from certain other companies. Anyways on to the wolves.
This was another commission that had a few supernatural creatures. I started with the werewolves because the main requirement for them was having different fur colors. They painted up great as usual. I blocked in the fur and the flesh of each one. I basically used the fur color of the previous for the flesh areas of the next going from white to gray to black. Then I washed then with some brown, picked out highlights and got the details.

The details focused on the faces and claws. The claws were easy, just a simple coat of black made them stand out nicely and this worked on the black fur since the flesh was gray. The faces consisted of painting the mouths a fleshy pink, the eyes a bright yellow and then highlighting the mouths a gory red. I also splashed some red on the claws just to make sure the PC's knows these wolves are not messing around.

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