Saturday, March 7, 2015

#88 Flesh golem (aka Frankenstein)

This guy is from the Castle Ravenloft DnD adventure board game. A lot of these figures are also in the pre -painted lines for DnD and seeing the naked figure shows that these mini's have great detail they just get covered up with the simple pre-paint jobs. Though I don't mind getting pre-painted figures for use as cannon fodder some of the bigger miniatures really could benefit from a more in depth paint job. Though recent Pathfinder pre-painted mini's do look pretty good.

So I had to primer this guy first after washing since I'm sure he was coated with mold release. I blocked out the main flesh areas and then my girlfriend pointed out that he was a little too symmetrical. So I went and repainted some the flesh areas to further break up the colors. The hardest part here was getting the metal staples. There are quite a few of them and they were a pain in the neck. The rest of the metal bits were easy. I think the best part on this figure is the left arm. It has flesh falling off and making it look a bloody mess was fun.

After all that I gave him a brown wash picked out some highlights and added some blood to various cuts. It was an easy paint job despite the staples and I think it came together really well.
One thing I don't like about a lot of figures is that they come with flat bases and they are usually glued on already. So that's why this guys base looks like cheap stone tiles. Some brown ink helped a little though I'd prefer a little texture. Most board game mini's come this way unfortunately.

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