Monday, March 16, 2015

#89 Liche king of sorts

This was a neat sculpt. Lots of little details in the armor and sword. I also liked how it's floating or at least gives the impression of hovering. Not much else to stay on that part. Good details and lots of character.
I started by blocking in the armor, outside of the cloak, inside of the cloak and the lower robe area. All armor sections started out black. I also painted the sword black at this point. For the inside of the cloak I mixed a nice dark bloody red. The outside got a coat of black. The robe I started off with a mid grey. My idea for the cloak was to make it look dirty and tattered.

The next step was picking out the armor sections with a simple plate mail metallic.  I also hit the sword blade at this stage. Then I inked all those areas black then hit a few spots up with silver to just get some pop. The next area was the robe. I highlighted with a lighter grey then inked it brown and hit it with the a mix of brown and grey. I think it worked well in showing a really old piece of cloth. I also hit the inside of the cloak with brown ink to get some tone in that area. Then I started on the face. I hoped to make it stand out by making it a lighter bone color. I decided not to make it look too aged as whatever magic power kept it alive would keep something looking relatively fresh. I did give a splash of color in the eye sockets by dotting the center of each socket with a bright green.
Final steps involved picking out the hilt of the sword and the crown part of the helmet in gold and giving that some shiny highlights. The sword blade was next and I built up washes of orange to achieve a rusty look, especially along the edge. Whatever power the sword had in life death corrupted them was my thinking. After that I hit up the flag stones of the base with a dark grey and some black ink.
A pretty straight forward paint job that was easy to plan out and I achieved what the client asked for: a suitably aged Liche king with a nasty looking sword.

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