Monday, August 4, 2014

#76 A slightly different direction

I was approached by a friend of mine recently about painting some miniatures for him. He told how many and showed me what they were: 4 oxidation beats, 3 bat swarms and one big worm from the Reaper bones line. 
 I was more than happy to paint them for him. We settled on a price and he explained what he wanted for a paint scheme for each. I suggested some things and he brought the mini's in. So far I've got the basecoat for the oxidation beats and worm done. I started on the bats but my eyes started to get tired. I had been working on some Gundam models earlier and figured I'd had a productive evening so I put everything down until tomorrow. I also didn't want to start getting to messy with my painting.
Too bad I'm just taking photos with my phone. The mouth on the worm turned out nicely can't wait to get those teeth looking toothy!
Purple Wyrm, different spelling, different creature right?
Oxidation beasts (I know, good name huh?)
Bat Swarms, loving the tombstone, adds character without being awkward.

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