Sunday, August 24, 2014

#79 Hellhounds & mouthers done; spectator, succubus next!

Love how these turned out, the partial skeleton on the inside is a great touch.
Ok so I finished the Hellhounds and gibbering mouthers. My friend was quite pleased with how they turned out and I have to say that I am as well. The mouthers in particular I was very happy with the skin color's contrast to the internal areas.

Next I started on the Spectator and the succubus. Both miniatures would require a little more effort (and I was asked to give more attention to them anyways). These two have lots of good detail, the Spectator in particular has lots of little eyes and skin detail on him. I started on each by applying a basecoat, then some green for the Spectator tentacles and highlighting for the succubus skin. The next steps for each are shading then onto details. On the Spectator I plan to color the ends of the tentacles blue to contrast with the bright green the eyes are going to be. The succubus will have black wings and feet with some bright green hair.
After that it's on to the Griffin which I really look forward to painting as it's been awhile since I've undertaken a big miniature.
The two I painted compared to a pre-painted version.
Sorry about the angle, I'll have to rotate this at some point, nice miniature though right?
This guy looks a little goofy without any paint, hopefully he looks a little menacing when I'm done.

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