Wednesday, August 1, 2012

#34 Messing around with color

So half the mini's have been finished for DC. The Legacy army is ready to get primed and painted. Omar came up with the idea of using a Megaman style of coloring. Bright blocks of color with a limited palette. Nothing super flashy just enough to catch the eyes and keep people looking at them ;) I figure with the colored acrylic rods and some highlight colors (green for Legacy and white for Neoteric) that the mini's will really stand out on the board. Ive also settled on the colors to be used for the mini's and the board. Hopefully everything will tie in together and not look too crazy.

The colors I've chosen for each side are pretty basic and since nothing has been painted yet are still subject to change, at least shade-wise, since I'd like to stick to the general color group.
So for the Legacy side I went with dark blue, blue, light blue and green. Blue, light blue and green will be used on the mini's with green being used on the board to denote deployment area.
For the Neoteric the colors will be dark red, red, orange and white. Red, orange and white will be used on the mini's with white being used to denote deployment area. Here's a pic of what it might look like.
The grey area in the center I envision as being the border between the systems. Also something to point out is the difference in deployment zones. This is based on the difference in the rows of hexagons. On the red side the base row is 13 hexes while on the blue it is only 12. After some play tests and me just going over the board again and again it seemed to offer no real tactical advantage to either side having this difference in deployment areas. There is also a hexagon in each deployment area where the datacore is placed for the 'Datacore Capture' game I just didn't mark in this picture. I'm not settled on the distribution of the colors. The colors could bleed into each other more possibly though I'm not sure I'll get around to messing with it more before I start painting the mini's. That and I still need to trace the hexagon pattern onto the boards Omar was nice enough to give me. 
I think once the mini's are complete with a nice coat of paint then Omar and I will sit down and figure out the final look of the board. The edges of the hexes might even get a color. I messed around with using green or just going with grey though each color looked a little off on the screen. I might post those pics up later in the week. Now its time for some sleep.
Anybody been watching the Olympics? Some awesome performances so far, at least in the events I've watched.

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  1. I like the addition of white and green in the deployment zones :-)