Thursday, March 25, 2010

Post #20:ugh, what a day...

Found an alarming piece of info today: My cash inflow is less than the outflow. This weekend will see me intensify my job search. I also have to make a stop to get a quote for outsourcing my casting project, I said all this in the last post but seeing what my funds look like (a dessicated corpse) makes it a lot harder to go out and spend money especially when I could have taken care of some of it in class. I'm hoping the size of my forms will make it relatively cheap to cast. If anything I can just get the ones I want done now and when I have more money get the rest taken care of at a later time.

If I had time and money I'd be doing a lot more than just school work though, I'd get my Space Marine army all painted up and add this and this to it. Haha! Who am I kidding? I'd get the new Terminator Librarian and Chaplain too! maybe some more Terminators too and possibly scratch-build a few Drop pods...
I really need to take stock of what I don't have built. If I remember I think I have one Commander, two Command squads, a Scout squad, a Tactical squad and a Devastator squad. Which reminds me I need magnets because I want to magnetize the commander and the devastator squad so I can have even more heavy weapons! Muahahahahahahaha!!!

I also have five Rhinos languishing, in pieces in the depths of my armory or is it seven...?I'll have to check that too sometime. Never hurts to have more vehicles, especially if i cobble together a way to magnetize Vindicator cannons to the fronts. Which is something I want to do with all my Dreadnought weapons.

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