Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Post #19: Food....

So my girlfriend found this website where a woman, Margie Slivinske, puts up a week's worth of recipes along with a grocery list, it is on the San Jose Examiner site. They are really good meals and I'm not the greatest of chefs but we've just been doubling the ingredients and it provides more than enough food for two people. So far I've made this, this and this. Good stuff so far and nothings been burnt too badly!

Not much else going on today. With a little help I've managed to put together a Sisters of Battle army symbol for my "secret" project and will hopefully have it all done in a few weeks, the casting that is and then it is on to mold making. Unfortunately it is Spring Break next week so I'm going with an outside entity to get my forms cast. I'll try and post some pics of what I've carved out later today/this week. Just as a little in-progress post. I've found that sawing plasti-card (sheet-styrene) is not much easier than thin sheets of metal, same problems come up regarding heat and the blades snapping on the jeweler saw.

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