Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Post #21: mixed emoticons

Wow, busy past few days. Cooking, school, banking stuff. Most of everything I had going on has been resolved to some extent. I cooked this and this and even this, so I've been learning stuff like not to have too many burners going at once and definitely know the recipe before getting started. I'd post up pics but after getting it all done and such I'm pretty tired and just want to eat.

I also got my casting pieces in and am eagerly awaiting the news of them being finished and ready for me to create molds of them. Shoot! I forgot to download the pics from my camera! Ugh, I wanted to post them, oh well, I can post the before and after shots, it should make for a visually appealing spread of photos. If I get the call tomorrow I am more than likely going to take off from work early to get them because I really want to look at them before I take them to school. I am excited to finally get to learn more mold making techniques at school, I really need the experience as I have a few things I'd like to try this summer, mainly concerning 40k stuff. I want to try my hand and sculpting some pieces in order to create some of the bigger creatures from the Tyranid codex. I also want to sculpt individual pieces that I think I will use in greater numbers and create molds of them so I don't have craft a part every time I need one. Little detail parts like symbols for the Space Marines (my own chapter design) and gribbly bits for the 'Nids, arm bits, claw bits, organ bits and bits of that nature.

God of War 3 came out and it looks amazing. All my other games fill me with disgust mainly due to me not having finished any in the past year. I am close to finishing inFamous though and I plan on smashing through the last few levels of Resistance (yes, the first one) in the next few weeks. Then...I return to Kratos' journey of causing mythical levels of carnage. Well that's all for now!

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