Tuesday, January 21, 2014

#73 Firestorm: Armada - Sorylians

I was almost completely done with the base set of Sedition Wars and thought it was a fine time to start a different project: Firestorm Armada! (I'll get back to sedition wars later)
 I've been following Firestorm for awhile and have had a few miniatures for some time now.  Then I managed to nab a new Sorylian patrol fleet and decided to put together everything I have and start painting. The following pictures show the first few ships I've started on. The miniatures are pretty high quality and resin too. I decided on orange as my main color with black.  The details will be either green or blue,  mainly engine glow and other energy parts. The pictures don't do the orange justice and I haven't put the highlight or shade colors on yet either. I'm hoping they turn out how I imagine they will look.

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