Thursday, October 31, 2013

#72 Sedition wars: BfA end in sight

Okay, the blogger app ate my original post so short version:
All the miniatures came out better than I thought. Only some bases, small details and Hurley left. Grendlr is my best paint job to date. Built a storage insert for the box based on Universal Heads design I saw on boardgame geek. Um... oh yeah pics of scythe witch, brimstone, cthonian and grendlr. If the app regurgitates my original post I'll update this one.

5/12/14 So far no sign of my original post. I've forgotten what I wrote I think it was along the lines of using washes, blending and layering on these particular models. I think I used some layering on the Scythe Witch, then blending and layering on the Brimstone and Cthonian and those techniques and washes on the Grendlr. Overall the Grendlr is the most impressive miniature out of the Sedition War's Battle for Alabaster box set. It has a lot of great detail and despite having to fix it with the hot water treatment and a little green stuff it is still an outstanding piece. I can say that it is the the best paint job I've given a miniature and my poor camera phone just didn't do it justice. I've since received the second wave of figures from the kickstarter but have no intention at this time of painting them. They are quite small compared to other miniatures in a similar scale and I can't for the life of me figure out how people got such amazing paint jobs as show in the previews of the figures in the kickstarter. A future blog post will probably be about those figures since I plan on working on the last few base game miniatures and throw in some comparison shots between waver one and wave two figures along with shots of all the painted miniatures.

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