Sunday, May 11, 2014

#74 My renewed Lego hobby

Wow. It's been awhile since I last made an entry and it's also been quite some time since I put together a Lego set. Figured I get two birds with one stone in this post. I recently began purchasing Star Wars Lego sets and while I haven't made a post about any of that yet I figured I would start wIth a set I bought yesterday:
#70162 Infearno Interception

This set is from the Ultra Agents line/theme. I hadn't noticed it at first since my goal was to get a polybag Anakin starfighter (which the Toys'r'us I went to did not have). Then my gf pointed out some neat space sets and I saw they had the Lego movie Rescue Reinforcement set. Both were in the $50 price range so tough choice. Infearno though was only $30, much easier decision and it really yelled 'Tron' (my gf also pointed out Infearno to me too). It's a pretty solid set and comes with lots of translucent bits which I always like. The build was not to hard and my time clocked around 48 minutes. All the components feel solid as far as Lego goes and nothing seems in danger of falling off through normal use. It came with two minifigs, a ultra agent and a badguy (who could only be Infearno). The agent is cool, has nice printed elements, and also gets one of those fancy new Lego blasters. Watch out though these really pop a Lego bit far. The danger of losing the bit is high if you are not careful. Infearno had a pretty awesome molded armor backpack part that has four attachment points which could see a lot of use outside of this build.  There was also a nice little pile of leftover bits too, always a plus. I give this set a 5 out of 5. Good price, lots of neat parts, easy build.
The following pictures show the vehicle, the minifigs, the villains back and the extra bits and sticker sheet.

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