Sunday, June 9, 2013

#62 DataCrash dice mock-ups

Pretty fun weekend. Got a game of X-wing in, just the basic quickstart rules. The game seems pretty easy and fun so I hope to introduce some more friends to it in the future. On to the real info though! I spent a few hours working on dice mock-ups for DataCrash based on my friend Omar's designs. I came up with two designs, the main difference between the two is the battery charge level indicator. I just reversed the colors in each, nothing spectacular. I didn't take the time to shrink them down to the size of the final printing size figure I'll get around to that after posting this.

The two upper pics are the 'full charge' face. The exclamation point means the player gets to roll an extra die when attacking/defending. I'm a real fan of the exploding die mechanic all the way back to West End Games Star Wars RPG (I really enjoyed that system). The lower pics show a 4 on the left and what will be a 1,2 or 3 on the right. I'm not using numbered dice since in playtesting I think that some units were a little overpowered. Instead I switched to a 'success vs success' system. Now units roll a number of dice based on their skill number instead of adding it to the number rolled. Then the players compare the number of successes, whoever has more has succeeded in attacking or defending. I'll get into gameplay more in a later post since I plan to get some more playtesting in the coming weeks. Plus I'm going to be ordering some custom dice with Omar to make gameplay even more intense!

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