Thursday, June 6, 2013

#61 Paintin' some bases!

It's been a few weeks since I've painted anything and as I contemplate the paint scheme for the Neoteric side of DataCrash I brought my Sedition Wars minis. I still have a few things to do for the Vanguard, mainly details, and decided that in the meantime I might as well do something with the bases! I gave each base a simple black wash which I think makes details pop out. I also left certain areas more or less white as I want those parts to have some color or become lights on the floor. The pic I'm posting also shows some if the Strain side of things. For more detailed looks at any of these minis I suggest searching the web. I might feel the itch to post up some closeups of pre-painted/assembled miniatures from this game in near future though.

Despite an earlier post noting how I did not want to work on any of the Biohazard level extras I might change my mind on that too...

The main reason I stopped painting was that I injured my neck and then recently my back. I should be all better now though and getting back on track. After washing all these bases I should be ready for those Neoteric fella's. :)

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