Sunday, August 4, 2013

#63 A little Star Wars rpg stuff

Over the past few weeks I've managed to get some Star Wars gaming in! Both X-wing miniature and some new Edge of the Empire gaming to be exact. I really enjoy the X-wing miniature game. It's simple to start out and the system has some depth to it, enough to keep things interesting without being bogged down by rules. To be fair though my group hasn't really expanded into upgrades yet and has focused on just using the ships/pilots "as is", which so far has worked out.

As for the Edge of the Empire, I've read most of the book (80%) and feel I have enough down to start running the game. The mini adventure I took my girlfriend on went well and she enjoyed it though the symbol dice and abstract ranges have been problematic. Being a big Star Wars fan it's been easy to get into the source material. It's taken some explanation to get certain ideas across and I hope as everyone gets familiar with the system things will smooth out. The only qualms I have with the book is that there are no X-wings or Star Destroyer entries and a few more playable races would have been good since a few of the people I play with are not that big of Star Wars fans they only recognized humans, Rodians, Wookies and Twi'leks. Half isn't bad just think more recognizable races would have been better, say Zabrak (Darth Maul),  Mon Calamari (Admiral Ackbar) and maybe Bith (Figrin D'an). I also noticed there wasn't a character sheet for NPC's and after checking the interwebs came up with two designs.


I like both styles though there is something about the vertical that isn't working I just can't put my finger on it at the moment. I think I might extend each out to 6 inches on the longest side, see of the extra space gives a better impression. I will probably take the color out since I don't need it as GM, I just need it to convey information at a glance. Also printing them out will probably help me change things about them as well since right now I'm not sure seven spaces will be enough for the skills, especially if I use them for Nemesis class enemies. Though in that instance I will probably just jot down notes on the back concerning things like talents and such.

Next post: Awesome sites for Star Wars gaming imagery and just general paper gaming images/icons/tokens.

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