Saturday, January 12, 2013

#46 Some games I like and kickstarter too

I'm sure just about everyone's found some kind of crowdfunding site and checked out lots of cool things to throw money at, I know I have. In fact I've found four projects to fund and in no particular order, well from the first to the last actually, here they are!
First up is Mobile Frame Zer0. It's a pretty sweet game since it is basically a set of rules you can use with most miniatures. The creator favors Lego's and I have to agree that as far as something to use Lego's fit the bill pretty well. The book contains instructions for making some basic frames and weapons. If you don't have all the right parts then that's ok! Just make a different small robot to use since stats aren't really based on what robot you make, as far as I know, and more based on what you equip them with. You don't even need to use the game universe since the creator likes to remind people that the rule set works with any thing on a miniature scale, model robots, toy army men and other things of that nature. Here's a like to the latest update on kickstarter, check it out! I think you can even download the rules for free as a pdf... I think...
Second on my list of things to never finish: Sedition Wars: Battle for Alabaster Station! I got into that kickstarter about a week or two after it started. i quickly fell in love with the design and universe of this game. It combines a few of my favorite sci-fi univereses (in my mind at least); Metroid, Mass Effect, Dead Space, Firefly, Pitchblack/Riddick Chronicles, a sprinkle of Ghost in the Shell, some Bladerunner and a few others. Anyways, the miniatures look amazing (Studio McVey after all) and from what I've seen of gameplay it looks like it brings some new ideas to the table (is that a pun?). So yeah, check out the kickstarter for it! They also had some really cool homage miniatures based on some popular sci-fi shows and games too (which I got at least one of each). There were a lot of things offered through the kickstarter most of which should be available later. The only thing extra I thought about getting was an extra set of map tiles, that shouldn't break the ol' wallet down the line...right?

Third up we have: Jungle Ascent! That there is a link to the game page at 5th Street Games. Jungle ascent put basically is a race to the top of a mountain to get a heaping mound of treasure. There are four adventurers to choose from, I don't think this impacts game play, just personal preference for who wants to play as who(?). Each player gets so many actions per turn and they can use these to move or play cards. The cards are either things that let you ascend the mountain or things that stop other players from climbing the mountain. The art is superb, the game play is quick and satisfying, and what else can I say? Check it out it's kickstarter page! In hindsight I should have got one more copy through the kickstarter, there are some sweet extras for this game.
Okay, last up is Kingdom Death: Monster! Now I know the imagery and miniatures in this game are not going to be for everyone. I admit there are some figures produced that I don't like though I don't balk at looking at them. I've done some research into the game and setting so I see the relevance that the miniatures produced for the kickstarter and prior to it have to the Kingdom Death universe, not to mention the creator's need to generate funds for the production of it. Now on to what got me into this. I became aware of Kingdom Death a year ago or so and immediately became attached to the Twilight Knight and the history of the character. Then I read more about the survival horror setting and man's place in the Kingdom Death setting. Suffice to say this game involves cooperative game play that will have your group hunting down monsters, setting up a settlement and trying to survive for one more day. I like the coop aspect, that combined with the miniatures and setting really snagged me. So check out its kickstarter and remember some of it is probably NSFW. There were a lot of options for this kickstarter, I really trimmed down my choices after perusal of the comments. So I may or may not get some expansions later.

I would have put more pictures into this particular post then I though better of it and will just let the various links get that job done. Thanks for reading!

Some additional info: I also received Star Wars X-wing miniature game for x-mas and look forward to playing that. I also own DnD Wrath of Ashardalon, excellent game just remember to grab your treasure after killing a monster! I really need to find more time/people to play games with.

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