Tuesday, January 8, 2013

#44 An actual page layout, exciting!

Well I've finally gone and done it. I managed to put together a page layout that I am pleased with. Of course it is just the beginning of designing the rulebook. The layout below will be used for all the standard content pages, rules, descriptions of things, and other stuff. The main cover will of course look different as will the table of content. I am thinking of using the idea I have for the table of contents for the page that explains the layout of the unit cards, just have to see what happens. Any way, on with the show!

As you can see I have a central image with a little border around it and the text wraps around that though at this stage I am not sure about having that border around the picture. It was purely chance that I forgot to remove it when making up this page. I think if I keep it I will color it to match whatever picture is used for that page. The layouts for the table of contents/unit card layout will have a picture on one side and words on the other, just not sure which side will have what yet. So that's all there is now. Enjoy! (and please leave comments and questions or criticism too, the constructive kind is appreaciated.)

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