Saturday, January 12, 2013

#45 Some changes to the DC rulebook

Small update to the rulebook situation. I've had to change fonts for the interior text of the rulebook. The betty noir font just didn't work at smaller sizes, pretty much anything lower than 20pt. So sadface at that then my friend Jennifer showed me a font called orbitron which looks like a mix of 1980's computer font with some future sauce mixed in and I like it so much I used it for all the interior text! It looks pretty good all the way down to 12pt and since that's the smallest I'm going I haven't encountered any problems with it.

Except one. I install it, go into the layout program I use and it works just fine until I exit and then open the program again. For some reason the program doesn't 'see' the font as installed anymore. It's an easy fix, I just have to remove it and reinstall it. It just sucks to have to do that every time I work on my rulebook. I haven't found a solution for this problem yet and since it's not sooooo bad I admit I didn't put a whole lot of time into finding one. Anyways, I got a little smart last time I worked on it and exported my book as a print quality pdf. So ha! I can print it out and look at it all I want in the font I want and then make all kinds of notes for changes or whatever then uninstall and reinstall the font then do work. So take that inconvenient font problem! Ugh. I wouldn't mind a solution.

I also found a really nice font to use for the name. It's called infection and it looks sweet. I'll probably do some work on a cover next week. I'll get together some pictures to make a basic layout for the idea I have and then I can figure out where the name is going to go and stuff along those lines.

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