Friday, April 26, 2013

#58 Other games to check out

I received my Mobile Frame Zero book in the mail a few weeks ago. I have taken my time to go over it, read the rules, background and look at all the neat pictures and diagrams in the book. I'll update this post with some pics later on. The game sounds fun I just need to set aside some time to go over my Lego(c) collection and sort all the little parts into bins to ease construction. I can heartily suggest to anyone who likes Lego(c) and gaming to check it out! Link

In the mean time there is another Kickstarter that has popped up on my radar (I seriously need to stop browsing Kickstarter): the Robotech RPG Tactics game!! If you are a fan of Robotech, specifically the Macross Saga time period, I highly recommend you go check it out. The miniatures look awesome, the rules sound fun and it's Robotech so that should be enough! From what I've read Palladium wants to have all era's of Robotech represented for the RPG Tactics game. I can't wait to see some Invid one day.

Here are a couple pics I nabbed from the Kickstarter page and the web in general.

There is also the Robotech battles blog and a Robotech forum for additional info and such. I also found this thread on a Shawn & Grahams Macross World which has really awesome models, I have yet to check out the rest of that site though. So yeah, check'em out, this is pretty much going to replace WH40k in my gaming life.

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