Tuesday, March 5, 2013

#50 The parts I've made so far...

As you can see in the following picture I've made almost all of the basic parts of the DataCrash figures in Skethup. All that I'm missing is the hand/shoulders for the Gatekeeper and Import cores. I totally forgot about them until I exported this snapshop and since I need to get to work I'll have to make that part tonight. :P


There are two cylindrical shapes in the front that I'm planning on using for the ICE figures. I'm leaning towards the one on the left since I think it matches more with the physical piece thought the one on the right might give more definition. I'll have to pull one of the figures out and look at the actual piece before I make my decision. Eeep! I've gotta get to work! Oh, the mushroom looking shape is used for a few different figures, might have to make a Heavy Import core and I need the feet for the walker... Ok ok! I'm going!

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