Sunday, July 24, 2011

#30 8bit art stuff

Wow, finally finished a project I should've been done with awhile ago, well I was still in school so there was that to take care of so i guess I've just been slacking off since the end of the semester. Anyways, I finally finished turning some drawings my friend Omar made a while ago into 8bit versions. I've been tinkering with 8bit stuff and perler for the past 6 months or so and thought this would be a good project to expand my knowledge of both. Each character takes about 4 boards to make so they won't be too bad too make if I get around to it. This will probably wait until after I make some of my 8bit coasters. I did some changes on the coasters too, color fixes and got the number of each color I would need. On too the characters!

Each one has their name or nickname under them and I'm pretty pleased with who they turned out. I might go back over them later and see how I feel about them though since I've made them in bits and pieces (hah!) I've gone back over them each time I made a new one so most are probably in the final stage.