Thursday, January 13, 2011

#28 8-bit classics and coasters

I've been making more perler things lately and while I have pictures I probably won't post them for a bit. What I will do is post some other stuff I've been tinkering with and what I want to do with them. Browsing various forums and seeing what others have worked on has made me want to make some drink coaster sets. I wanted to do something with classic 8-bit Nintendo games so I made a list, narrowed it down and picked ten different games along with ten sprites from those games. I cut those down to fit in a 20x20 pixel border since 20x20 is a decent size for a drink coaster. Click the link and you'll see what I've done!

Each game is pretty recognizable if you've played video games since the 1980's so I'm not going to bother naming them just check out the pics!

The ones with white/gray backgrounds are ones I haven't decided on a background color for just yet though feel free to suggest one please. My main goal here is to create a set of ten coasters out of these ten sets, one image from each set. So if you are of the mind to help feel free to pick an image from each set, just put the name and a number next to it. Start the numbering from left to right, top to bottom of the main block of images for each set and if you like the extra one just put "extra" next to the name and a number next to that if there are multiple, thanks!

You may resume your normal life functions now. :)

(I didn't create or rip any of the actual sprites, I just found them on the web and cut them down to the size I wanted. Credit for such things goes to the respective creators and individuals who took the time to make all of them.)


  1. Here is my vote for best images :-D
    Metroid Set:
    Samus (#1) or Samus (Bonus Image)
    Super Mario Set:
    Mario (#1)
    Zelda Set:
    Link (#1)
    Castlevania Set:
    Simon Belmont (#1)
    Master Blaster Set:
    Helmet (#1)
    Contra Set:
    Red Award (#3)
    Excite Bike Set:
    Runner (#7)
    Final Fantasy Set:
    Wizard (#5)
    Kid Icarus Set:
    Wings (#4)
    Mega Man Set:
    Megaman (#1)

  2. So from the Metroid set: I think #1 and #5
    from the Mario set: #1 and #2
    From the Zelda set: #1,#5 and #9
    From the Castlevania set: #1
    From the Master Blaster set: #1 and #4
    From the Contra set: #2 and #3
    From the Exite Bike set #1 and #5
    From the Final Fantasy set:#3 and #6
    From the Kid Icarus set:#1 and #10
    From the Megaman set:#1,#2