Friday, February 5, 2010

Yikes! New things!

Well, it has been some time since my last post (par for the course). I have some neat stuff to start off with.

The second to last project for one of my classes last semester was about re-creating what we thought was the thought process and system used by the artist in the creation of their art. So I'm posting up the pictures I was lucky to have created for me in this endeavor (Thanks again O!).
Here they are, showcasing the main character, her ride, story setting, secondary characters, the agency they work for and finally the mysterious antagonist.

Yeah, they are pretty sweet illustrations and are better then what I was thinking when I thought all this up. My ideas for the complete story are in my head right now and one day i might write them down. Maybe I can entice my friend to work this more at a later date :)

To other business I have a bigger project I'm working and will be posting up more info about once I get the idea nailed down. Suffice to say I'll be looking for things that people treasured as kids (or otherwise) and might still own. Doesn't matter the condition it is in, I'm actually looking for stuff that is not in the best of condition. Like I said more on that later.

Last piece of business. I'm looking to do some conversion work for some Tyranids beasties and have a little list of things I need:
Ravenor torsos: 3 of them, fronts, backs and vent spines.
               1x set of scything talons
               1x set of carapaces
               1x complete torso (3 pieces)
               1x stranglethorn cannon
               1x venom cannon
               1x set of devourers
               1x set of deathspitters
               1x lower torso and legs (4 pieces)

So if anyone has anything and wants to trade or otherwise lemme know! Thanks!

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