Monday, February 8, 2010

Rawr, bfa project idea

So the idea I have for my bfa show/project revolves around found art and trash art. I've put some stuff down on paper and the basics involve combining the two into three types of pieces (which I will clarify later).  I am hoping to get people to submit objects they own to me for part of my show and I hope to find things in garage sales and similar situations for the other aspects of what I plan. I'm doing research into various artists and trying to find someone who has done something similar that I can use a  starting off point.
Two artists so far are Jeff Koons and Man Ray. I've seen a few of their works and believe that I can use some of the stuff they have done as a basis for my project and how to expand on it. I'm going to hopefully get to school early tomorrow to meet with my adviser and get her thoughts on this.
Here's a link to the found art wiki page. It also has links to he artists I've named above as well as many other artists who have done found art.
Found art

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