Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Danno rock divination system

Hello, it's been awhile since I've had an entry and I figured the first assignment in my Art 103 class would make a good entry. The task: make a divination system using rocks. So I found some rocks and made some instructions. Hopefully nothing goes crazy, mainly some horrible beast from the depths of the empyrean is not summoned. I have yet to find a map, though a park from my hometown is more than likely going to be the victim.

First the pieces:
Smooth Grey
Smooth Marbled
Jagged White, Grey/White Small, Smooth Red, Rough Grey
Grey/White Big
Smooth White
Now here is the system I devised in order to find out where to place this collection of stones:

The Danno Rock Divination system

-The determining qualities-
distance - between stones
distance - between stones and user
texture - of pieces determines a state
color - individual color determines a state

Divide map into 4 quadrants (top level) [outlined in Green]
Divide top quadrants into 4 more quadrants (mid level) [outlined in Orange]
Divide mid quadrants into 4 more quadrants (low level) [outlined in Blue]

-The Smooth Stones-
The closet smooth stone determines where on the top level
The furthest smooth stone determines where on the mid level
The two stone that are closest together determine where on the low level

Smooth Grey - bury the pieces

Smooth White - put the pieces above the ground (like a tree)

Smooth Red - put the pieces in the sun

Smooth Marbled - put the pieces in shadow

-The Rough Rocks-
Depending on the distance between rough rocks and smooth stones a variety of things may happen.
The potential changes are worked out by determining the three closest rough rocks to the smooth stone that is closest to the user. Then by going in order of furthest of the these rough rocks to the closest of these rough rocks the changes that these rocks cause are enacted.

The following explanations detail what changes may be brought about by the proximity of the rough rocks to the smooth stones:

Grey White Big - shifts zone clockwise once

Grey White Small - shifts zone counter-clockwise once

Lava - the smooth stone that determines top level is shifted to next furthest

Jagged White - the smooth stone that determines mid level is shifted to next closest

Tiger - the pair of smooth stones that determines low level is changed to those that are furthest apart

Rough Grey - re-throw the pieces

Okay, so there you have it. Now to test and see if it works out alright.

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