Friday, July 3, 2009

Gundam/Gunpla, my first entries

So I've recently gotten into building Gundam models. I have an MG RX-178 Mk. II ver. 2.0 and a PG Red Frame Astray. I have to say that these models are nicely articulated and have some neat equipment to outfit them with. I snapped a few pics of the red frame and one with both of them together for size comparison. Horrible pics I know, maybe later this week I'll take some time and put real effort into taking some pics of these guys.

The RX-178 and the Red Frame, ready for action!

Hand resting on sword.

Peace out, dudes.

Red Frame with Beam rifle and shield.

It was also my birthday recently and surprise surprise I received a MG Strike w/ I.W.S.P. from my parents and sister, and from my girlfriend I got a PG Strike! Which is super sweet because I like the Strike Gundam the best out of the Gundam's I've looked at so far ( which is almost all of them as models go). The MG was cool to get, and when I saw the PG I basically waved good bye to my free time. They are some awesome looking models though, you can check out here and here, (MG and PG respectively). Awesome stuff, I can't wait to get to work on them!

I also need to spend some time getting this bloggin thing down, mainly the layout.

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