Monday, September 21, 2015

#95 Lord Chompy Bits

This was a pretty big miniature. I'm not sure if I put more work into assembling him or painting him. I'm not quite pleased with how all the seam lines cane out in the end but at least they are not gaping chasms now. The paint job came out just about how I wanted it.  I did a reverse highlight as best I could and when in good lighting ask the colors show up nicely. I did a wash of blue on his face to bring out the details and liked the look so much I left it as it makes a nice contrast to the body and claws.
I magnetized him so storage well hopefully be a little easier. Now into the rest of the Malifaux I have and I hope nothing else breaks off, Katrina's bow is a pain in the butt to glue back together...
*I thought I had a pick of both his halves maybe I'll put one up later.

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