Friday, May 22, 2015

#91 KD Great Game Hunter Rogue

I painted up this guy awhile ago just got lazy and didn't post anything about anything so I hope to change that in the next few days.  I'm also not gong to bother with my process unless asked. Just a blurb about the mini and then pics. 

This is the Great Game Hunter Rogue fun the kingdom death series of miniatures. Just like all the other miniatures from this company it has lots of great detail and has a few small parts that are delicate. He actually went together really easy (first have session the gm broke his bow arm off :-P ). I assembled him then painted and there were no areas that were difficult to get to at all, very welcome in a small detailed resin mini. Simple paint job that came together well. I used a few different browns to indicate different leathers on the model. The vest & boots and pants & gloves had matching brown tones. The bow, the quiver and were all slightly different brown shades. The picture doesn't tell do it any justice but Obe day I hope to take better pics of most of the stuff I've painted. No one noticed a gave the crossbow an ivory inlay either.

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