Saturday, September 14, 2013

#67 Sedition wars: Strain with more flesh!

Two posts in one 24 hour period? What's gotten into me? Nothing too crazy I hope as I've finished up the Strain as much as I can with the paints I have though any suggestion on what color the glowing bits should be is appreciated. I done all the flesh on the lower Strain models and only have the Scythe Witches, Brimstones, Grendlr and Cthonian left (and one Hurley, doh!). I'll be using the same colors on those as well just keeping things looking a little cleaner hopefully. I want to use some cool green washes on the Revenants, Stalkers and Quasimodos to get a nice putrid flesh look. After that the glowing bits are all that are needed for me call the lower Strain done.

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