Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Electrical kit project

For my 106 class I had to purchase an electrical kit, build it, and place it somewhere in a public place it may not otherwise belong. I purchased a "Tropical Bird Noise" kit, or it maybe it was jungle bird... I'm rather new to soldering and reading electrical diagrams. If I had not had some timely help this kit probably would have taken me a lot longer than 2 1/2 hours to make. Enough with the background.

I assembled the kit and placed it in a watch case I found at work.

Then I decided on a place to go and test out whether my device would have an effect on people. At this time I should mention that the best I could get was a high pitched intermittent squeal. Which was annoying but not very loud. So I decided to go to a local super market.

I put the device in one of those little red shopping baskets and proceeded to walk around the store. Most people did not react at all to the noise. The only evidence I saw of a reaction was a guy in the frozen food section who looked around like he was seeking the source of something (my digital jungle bird hopefully). After a brief look around he walked off quickly. So I kept moving around the store. I made a second pass at the frozen food section at the exact same time as the guy who walked away previously! What luck, I could now see if what happened before was not just a fluke. It wasn't. As soon as I walked up he walked away again. So the digital jungle bird was slightly effective. If I could have controlled the volume it would have been better although adding anything to the kit probably would have ended up in its destruction.

So that's my first foray into making a kit and placing it somewhere it may not belong.

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